WWWIPE OUT · 24.02.2023

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Since the EP "Le virage", released in 2020, I have filled hard drives with drafts of songs. But the difficulty to surprise myself after all these years, and all alone in front of two speakers, took over every time. So I radically simplified my way of doing things. Back to basics: a sampler, beats, samples and one or two keyboards maximum for chords or melodies. "SSSTAND UP" came without warning, one morning in March 2022. When we first started DJing with Cassius, we were touring mostly in England, and I found by chance a series of samples from that time: bits of vocals that I was playing over Philippe's mix. I put the samples on the music without thinking, and "SSSTAND UP" opened the door to a dozen others. Simplicity was finally paying off.

"Stand up and fight!" he proclaims.